Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Harvest

Last Monday and Friday we had our last avocado harvest. I was hoping for more avocados to last until the end of the year but every tree has its own season. So far, we gathered about fifty-eight (58) avocados for this year. There were seven for Monday and eight for Friday.

I’ve been counting how many dishes I could make and dividing the avocados for each dish. Unfortunately, there’s not enough to make an avocado ice cream and a few other dishes. Besides, I don’t have an ice cream machine. My family appreciates that I do other recipes but they always crave for avocados with milk and sugar. So far, I’ve done some sandwiches last week and will cook some pasta for dinner. Hopefully, there's enough for tomorrow.

See you next year avocados.


  1. The avocado sandwich looks so fresh and exciting. I love the colour plus it's such a healthy sandwich. I would love to try. Thanks for showing.

  2. Wow how amazing to have avocados growing in your garden.. here in Canada they are like gold because they come from so far away. Instead I have more chard and kale than I can eat! But you are right (as you said in your other post) that local food is wonderful. I started eating our local spinach, which I had only known as a weed before this summer.


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