Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still Harvesting and Still Counting

Where are the other four avocaodos?

That's right. We're still harvesting some avocados last Monday and we gathered about fourteen. I was in the living room getting ready to photograph my sister's Peanut Butter Cookies when I heard someone in the garden. It's my brother John and our gardener Richard. I'm not fortunate to grow something on my own and every time I attempt to do so, they die. So, I let them do the planting and harvesting for me.

Our gardener Richard and my brother John: two people with green thumb

We have quite of few trees blossoming in the garden. We have some cooking bananas (saba) that might be ready by December. They are usually sliced in half lengthwise and pan-fried in oil but they are great cooked with coconut milk and sugar.

Saba (cooking bananas)

We have a few mango trees as well but I'm always looking forward to those apple mangoes. When they are ripe, they are ultra-sweet but I like them slightly-ripened instead of fully ripened. We could actually sell them at the market but we just give them away to neighbors and closed friends.

First few blossoms of the apple mango tree. It was a cloudy and windy day.

There are now many produce that are growing in the Philippines that never existed before. We are now abundant in unimaginable herbs and various leafy greens. I heard that we are also growing some butternut squash, rhubarb, cardoons, celeriac and even some chard and many others. It's just a matter of where to find them. I actually doubted that we can grow ruby grapefruit but they're actually grown in Davao. So, I wonder if an apple seed can turn into a full-grown tree in this temperate climate.

Apple plant

The weather is also crazy these past few days. It would rain and shine on the same day. It's been windy as well. We have this coconut tree that needs to be harvested and there are times that we don't have anyone to climb and harvest it. Most of those coconuts are getting old. Since I am looking for an adventure in my life, I think I should learn how to climb that tree. I know it's a crazy idea. And because of the rain and the wind, it's dangerous for someone to go up. So we're hoping that we could still harvest some young coconuts in the next few days if the weather is good.

Coconut Tree

Until next time.


  1. beautiful harvest! I wish I can have a fresh avocado from your garden :)

  2. We used to have an apple tree in our backyard in Manila. It grew to about 5 ft tall and died. Can't remember why. Goodluck on that tree of yours.

  3. Lovely harvest! You are lucky to be able to have all this near you! :) Thanks for visiting 80 Breakfasts :)

  4. Oh...I love all the fruits here esp coconuts. Young coconut water is SO AWESOMELY refreshing on a hot day. It's one fruit that I really miss. We used to have quite a lot of coconut trees in our garden when we were young. It's actually so fun living in the village.

  5. I live in a very warm climate (Guyana South America) and i am also experimenting with growing apples and grapes so far i've germinated 7 apple seeds some are granny smith's and the others are red delicious would be nice to have an update on how your tree is coming

  6. @ Shammer Ali - Hello, sorry for the very late reply. Thanks for your email and glad that you're apple tree is growing. I will take a photo of our plant soon. Just want to let you that it has grown taller.


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