Friday, January 29, 2010

My Green Mango Smoothie

I could say that the sweetest and most luscious-tasting apple mango in the whole world right now is located in this place. Chip and Dale (the squirrels) can testify to that because of the evidence they leave almost every morning: a clean mango seed on the ground. My brother saw one of them with his very own eyes. And I saw one of them too walking through the water pipe onto the next mango tree. I could actually see them every morning from afar.

We do have a lot of apple mangoes this year which we harvest by installment. But some of them have been damaged when they fall off the tree, hitting the roof first and onto the ground. And they also have to be thrown away. The others are being eaten by the birds and of course a few would be eaten by Chip and Dale. I remember eating these many, many years ago and they tasted like medicine and the tree only yields less than 50 mangoes. That time, nobody wants to eat them except my brother with the green thumb. Today, they’re innumerable and the flavor is just getting better and better every year.

I think you would agree that mango has one of the best sensational taste experiences. The smooth ripe flesh is just sweet, luscious, and succulent. Sometimes I could eat too much of a good thing. Since these mangoes are high in sugar, they are also not advisable to be eaten by itself.

I love pairing mango with lime because it brings out the intense flavor of the fruit. The mangoes become more mango-ey, if such a word exists. When I'm not eating these mangoes, I make a smoothie out of it along with other tropical fruits. I also started making green smoothies by adding some fresh malunggay (moringa) leaves from our garden. The malunggay, a super food, adds a mild peppery finish to the smoothie while providing an array of super nutrients that has the ability to heal the body. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away in the United States, here in the Philippines, it’s the malunggay.

When it comes to making smoothies, it is better to follow your sense of taste instead of accurately measuring the ingredients. You can read my earlier post Breakfast in a Glass for more inspiration.

Here is the smoothie that I’ve made. I started with mango and lime before adding other ingredients. The idea in doing this is to build flavors by adding one ingredient at time instead of throwing everything the recipe calls for. I believe this is one way of building your flavor profile in your own smoothies and a great way to awaken your senses.

In the meantime, I’ll savor every molecule of these mangoes until supplies last. Tomorrow, I might add some hemp hearts to it; in other days, I might do a mango pina colada. I hope I'm not tempting you.

Do you like smoothies? Do you have a favorite combination that I can try?

Love and light,


  1. Divina, you are sure very lucky to have fresh mangoes from your garden. I don't mind living in your mango garden :D I love mangoes, especially eating it just as it is. Love smoothies too, new found love...with raspberries and bananas...yum.

  2. Divina,
    Mango is the fruit I love the most! I like everything that goes with mangoes, lol.

    We do have some green mangoes here, but not from Philippines. I think they are from Thailand. Green mangoes are heavenly tasty fruit, yet they are more expensive than ordinary ones. You're lucky to have many beautiful green mangoes grown in your garden.

  3. lucky are you?!? having your own mango tree! you did tempt me too much so I guess I have to unfreeze my month-old kiwi in the freezer and make me a smoothie tomorrow! what is the best combo for a kiwi? :) my favorite is strawberry-banana smoothie, with a dash of grenadine if available -- oops, i guess this is a cocktail, not a smoothie!

  4. ooh how foruntate you are! the mangoes look delicious, and your smoothie looks very bright and tasty. you are right, do give a sensationally rich experience, and their texture is perfect for a nice velvety smoothy :) makes me wish i had a mango tree now (although Im not sure how we'll it would be going in the snow)!

  5. you are so lucky! I love mangoes. if I had a garden like yours, I would be eating mangoes everyday.

  6. poor chip & dale, enjoying your mangos - beautiful photos

  7. No chance of growing a mango tree here in Minnesota so my only option is at the grocery store (mainly from South America). I love reading about your additions to the shake such as lime and malunggay. Not sure if I can find the latter here but limes are plenty - I'll have to try it!

  8. Those mangoes are making my mouth water. I can almost smell their fragrance. I have never had mango smoothie, but I can imagine it must be delicious.

  9. oh, i love mangoes! all kinds!
    the closest smoothie that i made was just from typical yellow mangoes with tons of vanilla ice cream and milk. probably overwhelmed the mango flavorful. :P
    i believe yours must present the true fresh flavor of mangoes!

  10. Delicious! I've never combined mango and lime! Great clicks!

  11. @ MaryMoh - You can live here. Just watch up for the squirrels though. :)

    @ Christine - I love green mango too. Anything with mango is good to me.

    @ Mom-Friday - I can have it delivered to your husband's office. :) Kiwi would go well with strawberries, orange juice or banana or a combination of all of them. Melons would go well too. But strawberries are in season now so try strawberries first.

    @ Jessie - I'm sure you would eat them everyday. The aroma is very fragrant.

    @ Drick - Thank you. Chip and Dale are here everyday.

    @ TangledNoodle - I think I added a bit too much of malunggay leaves. Less is more as they say. :D

    @ Biren - They are really mouthwatering. :D

  12. Hi! Just dropping by after reading Mom-Friday's latest Tagaytay update. I just want to ley you know I love how you styled and photographed everything. I will come back soon to read your previous articles.

    I can't wait to try mangoes with lime - and malunggay! That is a new one for me.

    As it is, you've given me an idea on what to do with the basket of assorted fruits my MIL sent over the other day. Any suggestion on what to pair with dragonfruit?

  13. @ lululu - mangoes with ice cream and milk sounds great. Must try that soon.

    @ Shirley - thank you. It's a great combination. Just need to find the right ratio according to your taste.

    @ The Phenomenal Woman - Thank you very much. Dragon fruit would go well with bananas and kiwi. Actually almost any tropical fruit would go well except for the durian or langka. :) But try it with bananas first. But if you're not making a smoothie, make a fruit salad of the fruits that you have and add a dollop of Greek yogurt and drizzle with honey.

    You can also add dragon fruit to salad greens with a lemon vinaigrette.

    Enjoy your dragonfruit and your assorted fruits. :)Hope to see you soon.

  14. Gorgeous photos, Divina. Looking at them, I am having thoughts of summer & sand running in my mind (even though it is only 15 degrees here today!)

    I do love mangoes and they make wonderful smoothies. As plain as they may seem, I like bananas in my smoothies. They seem to make it creamier without too much fat (milk or yogurt). Can't wait till it warms up and then its smoothies all the time!

  15. I just loved seeing those mango's growing on the tree. Something we never get to see around here! I'll need to try some spritzed with lime, sound refreshing!

  16. DELICIOUS -- my goodness you are so lucky to have those grow right in your backyard! Mangoes are some of my favorite fruits, the ones in your pictures look so fat and full and juicy, I just want to sink my teeth into one!!

  17. Oh wow! The mango looks so succulent. I think you've actually managed to trigger my salivatory glands overseas!

  18. You have a mango tree in your backyard?
    *packs and pays you a visit.
    I'd eat a mango in any way possible even green, it is my all time favorite fruit in the world.
    In Lebanon we make these smoothies that we use as a base for cut fruit, clotted cream, honey and nuts: we call them fruit cocktails. One of the most famous is made from avocado, bananas and milk and you can dice any fruit you like in it, the honey the nuts and the clotted cream and eat all away. As filling as a meal.

  19. Divina -- your smoothie sounds wonderful. And I love the color too. Not too many drinks are green, which as a gardener is a shame.

  20. That looks absolutely delicious! So refreshing and satisfying!

  21. I have yet to taste a mango that's close to our mango over there Divina... nothing comes close!!! Oh how I love mangoes!

  22. Yes! Mango is by far one of the most intense taste experience. I grew up with 2 large mango trees in the beckyard - so I know a little bit about that!
    And yes, again, Mango and lime is a marriage made in heaven.
    Great post Divina... as always! This time though, you made me miss my birth island!

  23. Lucky you! I wish I have a mango tree in my backyard.

  24. You're so lucky to have home grown mangoes. Love mangoes in any form, especially mango chutney.

  25. So beautiful, those mangoes are so juicy, and a mango smoohie is always a delicious treat, anytime of the day.

  26. I have to admit... with the temperature hovering around 20... picking fruit from your own tree looks like a dream... lovely photos!

  27. Do green mangoes taste sour and harder or like normal mangoes? I commented on your Breakfast in a glass but got mixed up about Chip and Dale, whoops.

    I so agree about building flavor profile rather than throwing everything in.

  28. I could drink down smoothies just as a meal.

  29. GREEN MANGOES! I have a friend from the Philippines and one day she made a green mango salad that was amazing. I have no idea where she found the green mangoes, though...

    I love the idea of your smoothie. Thanks for sharing it.

  30. Who can ever resist this! I can't! haha... The best is you can get the mangoes for free LOL!

  31. Wow! Love, love, love green mangoes. In Colombia we eat them with salt and lime. They wonderful.You are lucky.

  32. Oooh, lucky girl! I would be very full of mangoes indeed if I were you!! I like to make a smoothie of plain yogurt, honey, & fresh ginger ... pretty simple but delicious!

  33. Who can blame poor Chip and Dale? The mangoes looks mouth watering.

  34. Divina, the mango shot is divine! I'd love to get a tree but it's a bit to chilly where we are in upcountry HI for papaya and mango. :-(

  35. Wow that is just gorgeous! I have only heard of green mangoes being used for a salad before so I am pleased to see they have other uses!

  36. dokuzuncubulut - love mangoes too.
    @ myblissfulbites - thank you. Oh, I also love it with bananas and I like them frozen :)
    @ Diana Bauman – Yes, mango with lime is really refreshing most especially with the summer weather coming.
    @ Joy – haha. You described it really well Joy.
    @ - I hope I’m not tempting you.
    @ Viviane, Taste-Buds - I’m waiting for you now. Actually, we have more than 1 mango tree. Love your version. I think I should try that.
    @ Vegetable Matter – Thank you. But you have a green thumb, I don’t. :)
    @ JennDZ - The Leftover Queen – thank you. :)
    @ Malou@IMPROMPTU – I know. They’re different. You must be missing our mangoes here. :)
    @ Viviane Bauquet Farre / Food and Style – Thank you for agreeing with me. I hope I could send you some mangoes though. :)
    @ penny aka jeroxie – I could send you a mango tree. :)
    @ Cheah – Love mango chutney too.
    @ citronetvanille – thank you. :)
    @ lostpastremembered – It’s a nice feeling harvesting your own produce. Thank you.
    @ Eleanor Hoh – Green mangoes taste sour and are harder. My smoothies became green because of the addition of the malunngay.
    @ Hummingbird Appetite – you’re right. Me too.
    @ Kate at Serendipity – they used to be green but now, even if the skin is green, the flesh is already ripe. We have the carabao mangoes that can be served as a green salad. I think someone brought it to her from the Philippines. :)
    @ My Little Space – yup, they’re free. I can’t resist it, Kristy. :D
    @ Erica – must try it with lime, I only tried it with salt. The skin is green but the flesh is already ripe though.
    @ Trix – Thanks for the suggestion. I would try that soon :D
    @ Anna – haha. They’re here everyday. :)
    @Darien Gee – thank you. But I would love some your winter fruits :D
    @ Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite – thank you. :) I have to ripen them a bit though


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