Monday, March 1, 2010

28 Day Real Food Challange: Day 27 - Give Back

I"m almost done with the challenge and this is the challenge that I would like to be a part of. Day 27 is giving back to your community by Nourished Kitchen.

So here we are, just one day away from the end of our 28-day Real Food Challenge. We've addressed giving up refined foods, purchasing farmer-direct, how to properly prepare grains, nuts and seeds. You may have brewed your first batch of kombucha, or started your first sourdough. You learned the difference between mesophilic and thermophilic yogurts and maybe, just maybe, you took Thursday's advice to heart and found a way to incorporate nutrient-dense offal into your family's meals.

But, there's one last task I'll ask of you as we wind the challenge to its end: give back to the movement and to your community. A change to our community will only occur when individuals take it upon themselves to effect that change locally, and nationally.

Give back to the movement.
Take time from your week to spend a few hours organizing a community garden or a community potluck featuring local foods. If you're headed to your farmers market, why not spend an extra hour or two volunteering at the information booth? If you have a few extra dollars in your pocket after your grocery shopping is finished, why don't you purchase some wholesome, natural foods for your local food bank?

Considering supporting the work of nutrition and sustainable farming advocacy groups - providing them with the financial support, however little you might be able to afford, to effect their goals on a national level.

Change only happens when you take the time to make it happen.

Continue your real food journey.
We only took a brief look at each of these components of nourishing, traditional foods during the last few weeks. As this intensive challenge winds down to its end, if you're eager to learn more about traditional foods and how to prepare wholesome recipes in your own kitchen, please consider subscribing to Nourished Kitchen's feed for video how-to's, wholesome recipes and lessons in traditional foods from cultures across the globe.

Day #28 Check List:
Give back to the movement by effecting change in your own community.
Further Reading:
Read more about how we've contributed to growing our foodshed and how you can contribute to growing yours.
Good food doesn't have to complicated. Just start with real and whole foods.

Love and light,


  1. Those are great suggestions. I know the food at the food bank consists of lots of cheap mac and cheese, hamburger helper and other bad for you foods. I just learned of program, not sure if its in your area yet, Angel Food Ministries. They provide basic food that you cant get at a bank (meats, dairy, vegetables) for very cheap. Its through host churches.

  2. I hear you...starting with baby steps :)

  3. Good job on completing this challenge! You already are so much further along than most people when it comes to eating REAL food - your recipes speak for themselves. I am proud that you took that extra step though! Congrats!

  4. Interesting thought about the food bank. I wonder if there is one down under.

  5. Wow I'm so glad I made it here for the 28th day! Shows how long I have been missing! This series is fabulous, and sooo educational. Love it!


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