Sunday, October 31, 2010

You had me at Chocolate, Hotel Chocolat

One of the most pleasurable things in life is chocolates. I only know a few people who don’t love chocolates. Of course, they’re sweet and sexy but for true chocolate lovers, chocolates made with the finest quality authentic and wholesome ingredients are even sexier.

Not all chocolates are made equal. 95% of the world’s chocolate is made from bulk cocoa and is perfectly good, but the 5% that is made from fine cocoa offers something for the serious chocoholic. Just like the grapes that make fine wine, the beans or rare cocoa have unique flavours made by the trees, soil and sun of its origins.

I’m starting to take chocolates seriously just like most wine, coffee and tea connoisseur does with their chosen interest. But I’m not an expert in chocolates but I just chose to buy better quality chocolates for two reasons. First, better quality chocolate allows you to experience and savour the taste and feel of the chocolate once it enters your mouth. Remember, chocolate is like wine.The experience lingers even after you swallowed it. Second, companies who produced the finest chocolates are committed to helping improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers. And one of those companies is Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat is a luxury British chocolatier, who make seriously special chocolates from the finest quality authentic and wholesome ingredients. With their 140-acre Rabot Estate in St Lucia, Hotel Chocolat is the only UK company to own their own cocoa estate to manufacture their products. As one of a select breed of "origin chocolatiers", the Rabot Estate allows Hotel Chocolat to produce exceptional chocolate with characteristics and taste derived from the special environment in which the carefully selected cocoa trees are grown.

Here's a video about how Hotel Chocolat came to the decision of purchasing the historic Rabot Estate Cocoa Plantation in Rabot Estate and demonstrates the process of making chocolate from bean to bar.

If you know someone who takes their chocolate very seriously and even for the not so serious chocolate aficionado, you might want to consider checking out their products from their Christmas gifts collection which includes an amazing array of stocking fillers and a variety of corporate christmas gifts.

Here are a few of the Christmas selections from Hotel Chocolat. You can also click on each product for more information.

Just a word of caution: they’re tempting.

That’s not all; you can view their entire Christmas collection on their site. Some of the following pages have some really interesting products –

One more thing, if you do find yourself browsing through their website, keep me in mind; I do love chocolates and you know where to contact me.

Have fun shopping.

Love and light,