Monday, September 12, 2011

A must-watch video: International Culinary Arts Academy Cebu

I know I haven’ been blogging for a long time. But for those of you who know me quite well, writing is one of my outlets whenever I feel emotionally depleted. Before I go back into the blogging world and hopefully I will soon, I would like to share a video of our school and what the students are doing. Yes, this is where I am working but don’t look for me because I’m not in the video.  :)

The school is continually improving and I would like to become a part of that enhancement where I inspire and motivate students in what they do and what they will do in the future. As my former chef instructor would say: “I am doing it for the students”, I would like to do the same thing for them. Every day, I’m trying to improve myself so they could acquire the finest skill and competence. And each chef instructor has their own style and method of teaching and we give our best to give that knowledge to them.

Enjoy the video.